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Radical Doula Guides are Here!

Calyx ordered copies of Miriam Zoila Perez’s Radical Doula Guide for our adoption doula training happening this weekend… and they’ve arrived!

This weekend, a diverse group of doulas committed to serving pregnant people making adoption plans will convene in Portland to begin our collective learning process as adoption doulas. We emphasize the ongoing process of learning because doulas have many teachers and dozens of tools, and yet no prescription for what support means and how best to provide it. Like Miriam, we:

“find it difficult to give prescriptive advice about how to be a doula, but I will say this: much of our work is about leaving our assumptions at the door.”

A significant part of leaving our assumptions at the door is being able to draw connections between our own personal experiences and assumptions and the broader politics that differently affect the bodies, lives and potentials of pregnant people.

“We all live and work in a society that treats people differently based on bodies, social standing, and many other aspects of life. The birth activist community is by no means exempt from any of these systems (they are much larger than all of us). This means we have to be aware and actively work against these dynamics in our work as doulas.”

Thank you, Miriam, for this political primer on pregnancy and childbirth, which reminds us that doula work is not a “replacement for political work that fights laws or changes policy” but is “a companion to it.” Through forming collectives, sharing skills, and committing to serve pregnant people in our communities, may we continue to generate “hope and energy to keep fighting the bigger fights.”

In solidarity!